Worldwide renewable energy growth is a crucial part of the puzzle to address climate change. Renewable energy also has other immediate benefits such as reduction of pollution and increased air quality, and less reliance on fossil fuel resources. Working on projects that are sustainable and make our world a better place is important to us.

Xero Energy works on all types and sizes of renewable energy projects – wind, photovoltaic, hydroelectric, wave and tidal – from a few kilowatts to large multi-gigawatt offshore wind.

Construction site of offshore wind farm near the Dutch coast

High Voltage Generation Industry

We provide expert advice on renewable energy for clients that:

  • Want to achieve the best value grid connection for their site. We offer connection studies, connection applications, connection offer review and negotiations.
  • Need assistance with their project to take it through planning, into construction and operation.
  • Need to make their project technically compliant, are seeking to add new revenue stream sources or address existing operational problems.

Solar power panels on blue sky and copy space


Our strong technical and commercial experience in renewable energy allows us to provide high-value services to project developers and investors, covering all aspects of grid connection, electrical design and support in operation.

  • Grid connection feasibility studies – assessment of capacity and upgrade requirements in the onshore grid, including review of the costs and issues around connection options.
  • All stages of the grid connection process including liaison with the distribution and transmission grid owner/operators, submission of connection applications, offer review and ongoing post-acceptance agreement support.
  • Project conceptual design studies including design optimisation and full lifecycle assessment of technology and design options to yield least cost.
  • Full consideration of cost saving options and optimisation to achieve a reduction of the levelised cost of energy (LCOE).
  • Cable route and substation site planning and consenting support.
  • Detailed studies including detailed load flow, harmonics, voltage fluctuation, cable ratings, electromagnetic fields, etc.
  • Procurement including tender specifications, tender review, contractor selection, development and negotiation of contracts.
  • Construction support including design review, witnessing and review of testing and commissioning, Grid Code compliance and interface management.
  • Operational support including site inspections, troubleshooting operational issues, due diligence, review of grid charges and benefits.

All work we undertake is underpinned by skills and understanding of the planning, design, procurement and construction practices appropriate for renewable energy projects.

Our work is very focused on cost reduction. We anticipate and can advise on upcoming technologies or innovation ideas to reduce the levelised cost of energy (LCOE). We have an excellent track record with advising projects, in particular offshore wind farms, in this respect and achieving results.

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