Microgrids and private wire systems are small grids, often privately owned and aimed at solving issues and creating opportunities at a local level, be it municipal, community or domestic. If deployed well, there are benefits to be had in increasing the penetration of renewable energy, avoiding wider grid network issues, trading electricity lsendai_microgridocally and in supporting local economies. Some systems can operate independently of the main public grid, some operate solely as island systems whilst others operate permanently connected to the main public grid, often operating as private wire systems. Practically all use some form of smart grid control.

The power industry has an ever increasing number of smarter networks being trialled and commercially deployed. The value in applying these systems can often be poorly understood and cutting through the sales talk of suppliers and network companies can be complex and time consuming.

Xero Energy, as an independent transmission and distribution industry expert, has experience in microgrids, private wire systems and smart grids of all shapes and sizes from small domestic systems through to higher voltage distribution networks and transmission. We offer a broad range of expert services grown from our core business around engineering, technical, commercial and regulatory expertise on grid & electrical systems.

We offer:

  • Technical design services covering feasibility assessments, constraint assessments, cost assessments and specifications through to power system studies to ensure safe and satisfactory operation of small grids.
  • Control system analyses from design, programming and implementation of a control scheme to performance assessment.
  • Engineering services covering practical installation and operational issues.
  • Regulatory and commercial expertise in licensing, licence exemptions, regulatory requirements, metering systems, obligations and arrangements.
  • Due diligence on design, costs and performance estimates.
  • Experience with thermal storage and battery storage technology.


We have provided microgrid and smart grid services to both the private and public sector and are well acquainted with the wide variety of issues.

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