The value of energy storage deployment on the electricity network is immediately obvious, particularly with an energy system that has ever increasing penetration of intermittent generation; local communities that want to arrest control of their own power supplies; networks that are becoming smarter and markets that are becoming more open and competitive. The future of electricity generation, transmission, distribution, supply and demand is being redefined, right now.

Energy storage technology is a key part of ushering in this new reality and its importance cannot be overlooked. Energy storage can help balance the electricity system by offering ancillary services, very quickly and very flexibly. Services can be offered at transmission, and soon at distribution level too. Energy storage can offer attractive returns by limiting demand, and maximising output, during system demand peaks and by firming and shaping energy delivery to the market. Energy storage can help projects to extract more value from existing generation sites, increasing the utilisation of the grid connection capacity already paid for, in avoiding reinforcements and minimising constraints. The opportunities are there, they are real and should be realised.

The key challenges faced by new market entrants, developers and funders include understanding the costs, revenue possibilities and risks associated with this new technology within the energy system.


Xero Energy has worked on energy storage systems from small domestic scale implementations through to dedicated systems on the main grid, including the UK’s first transmission connected battery storage site. We have expertise in domestic thermal energy systems, battery systems and other storage systems.

We provide expert advice regarding the deployment of energy storage technology for clients that:

  • Want to understand what is going on in the industry and what is coming next.
  • Want to identify grid connection opportunities for new sites for innovative technology deployment. We can help with identification of grid costs and charges, timeframes and risks/opportunities.
  • Are keen to extract more value from existing generation installations – providing clear, independent quantification of costs and potential benefits of deployment.
  • Are looking into developing microgrid or off-grid installations.

We work alongside developers day-to-day, engaging with the distribution and transmission network companies to progress new sites and understand/minimisThe silhouette of high voltage substationse risk and costs. We engage with the continual process of regulatory change which has seen the implementation of sweeping changes to the electricity system over the last 5-10 years. This trend is continuing as the GB market goes through change in almost all aspects of the industry.

Our unique perspective, backed up with strong technical and commercial understanding puts us in a strong position to provide targeted, efficient and high value advice to clients looking to understand possible opportunities for deploying new and innovative energy storage schemes.

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