Electrical Design Studies

Xero Energy provides a range of design studies from conceptual stage through FEED to detailed end design.  We use power system software for studies such as power flow simulation, faults, harmonics, losses and reactive power studies.  We provide detailed steady state and short duration cable rating assessments, often of complex systems involving deep HDD installations, crossings or multiple systems running near each other.  We also use expert and world rated sub-consultants on a number of specialist areas including stability work, transients and electromagnetics.

When we undertake design studies, we give careful attention to make sure the details of the study are correct. Common mistakes by other design study teams include using the wrong plant specifications, excluding necessary compliance requirements, unnecessarily checking superfluous requirements, or even something as simple as checking for compliance at the wrong point of the system.

We also provide due diligence of design work, commonly adding value to projects by ensuring adequate design and a clear understanding of the risks from any design shortcomings.

Another quality which sets us apart is that we understand the context of our study work. The study results and accompanying technical notes or reports are written with an understanding of the objective that the work needs to achieve. This means our work produces results – such as achieving compliance, gaining acceptance from a third party, negating the need for extra plant – and ultimately saving the project money.