Due Diligence

As an independent company Xero Energy provides unbiased review of project grid and electrical aspects for transactions.

We often work for investors who require a specialist to ensure all grid and electrical aspects from charges through to constraint levels and compliance issues are well understood and quantified.  We are often employed on projects where grid issues are seen as particularly difficult, including those offshore, on the Scottish islands, or in constrained areas of the grid.

Our due diligence work is mostly focused on ensuring technical competency, i.e. the project has been built to a competent specification and is properly documented. We review design work, commonly adding value to projects by ensuring adequate design and a clear understanding of the risks from any design shortcomings. For projects in operation, we evaluate operational performance and investigate any known problems or complaints, for instance those received from the grid owner or operator.

We also provide due diligence on certain aspects of the commercial side. We provide cost benchmarking which is a useful indicator of how well a project has been managed and the thoroughness of the procurement and contracts process.