Nigel Scott on network access and constraints

It is becoming increasingly common for wind farms and other renewable generators to connect to the grid with export constraints.  There are various ways this can happen and for some projects this offers a flexible and cost effective way forward, for others this is not the case. 

To date, we at Xero Energy have quantified constraints for around 10,000MW of renewable generation under intertrips, Active Network Management (ANM) schemes and other types of flexible and constrained connections both at distribution and transmission level.  Much of this is used in transactions around financing projects or selling them on.

It is worth noting that DNO are starting to provide more data for this purpose.  Usually though, this data provided is historic and presents only a snapshot in time, so answers must be treated with caution.  We have a tried and trusted set of data and tools to assess constraint levels with, and while we can and do use historic data, we also use other modelling techniques to examine the variance in constraint levels year on year and project them into the future.

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