Raasay Private Wire

Xero Energy undertook a complete options assessment and design for the private wire connections of a small community scale hydro.  The work was undertaken for the Raasay Development Trust and Scottish Government, delivered to a fixed price budget and very short timetable. The work included:

  • Design of a controllable heat network
  • Design of a private wire connection to local light industrial site
  • Site survey works to assess cable routes and other practicalities,
  • Options assessment
  • A detailed cost breakdown of all the works
  • Provision of a programme of the works and actions needed to deliver the project
  • A carbon savings assessment
  • An assessment of the impact on the local grid through the grid connection
  • A lifecycle risk assessment to inform mitigating actions the project should consider
  • Finally, Xero Energy delivered a tender document for procurement of the works to deliver the private wire systems.

Aside from cost, a key issue Xero Energy addressed was the need to ensure technical feasibility whilst keeping the design simple and avoiding the use of higher voltage equipment where specialist skills would be required if possible. Xero Energy delivered a flexible design to allow for uncertainties in the project and allow Raasay Development Trust to fine tune the scheme as issues were resolved. Raasay Development Trust reported they were pleased with the assessment and document delivered.




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