Hornsea Offshore Wind

Xero Energy worked on the Hornsea Offshore Wind Zone off the east coast of England from 2010 through to 2014. The zone is 4GW and part of the Crown Estate’s Round 3 programme. We provided the following services to Smartwind (a consortium of Mainstream Renewable Power and Siemens Project Ventures):

  • Grid connection applications, agreement negotiations and management
  • Project strategy, advice on OFTO processes and Generator Build
  • Elements of electrical design in relation to the offshore transmission system
  • Analysis of onshore transmission capacity and grid reinforcements
  • Cost benefit analysis of offshore / onshore transmission options
  • Analysis of capital costs, underwriting and TNUoS charging for the offshore transmission system
  • Advice and analysis of radial and integrated offshore transmission system options
  • Other technical, engineering, commercial and regulatory advice

We provided cutting edge analysis and views on the offshore transmission system including a detailed comparison of radial offshore transmission connections to shore, integrated offshore transmission connections forming an onshore boundary reinforcement and integrated offshore connections to other Round 3 Zones.  This was conducted ahead of National Grid’s own Integrated Offshore Transmission Planning (East) work to provide up front views to the developer.  This work included offshore transmission works assessment, capital costing, assessment of underwriting implications and an assessment of the potential TNUoS implications of the options with commentary on risks.

We brought value to the Hornsea offshore wind farm projects and this is demonstrated by our longstanding position as grid consultant for this particular client.


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